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Revolutionise your guided tours

With just one click, you can turn your smartphone into a practical tour guide system. No extra hardware and easy to use.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Live Audio  Ãœbertragung

Live audio streaming via web browser

Transmit your voice to your listeners via live audio stream. Guests can easily join your stream via a web browser - regardless of group size and range


[Translate to Englisch:] Weltweit einsetzbar

Usable worldwide 24/7

Thanks to voice transmission via the internet, the app can be used worldwide at any time and ensures unlimited flexibility


[Translate to Englisch:] Benötigt keine zusätzliche  spezielle Hardware

Does not require additional special hardware

Smartphone and headphones are your only companions - and those of your guests


Icon Hygiene

Maximum hygiene guaranteed

With the ability to create groups contactlessly, elysium minimises the potential health risk as your guests use their own equipment


The ideal voice transmission solution for your group tours

The key function: voice transmission from smartphone to smartphone

With elysium, you transmit your voice live over the internet to your audience or group. The easy-to-use homescreen gives you full control over your microphone.

You can also use any wired or Bluetooth headset and store your smartphone in your pocket during the tour. The simple interface allows you to add more guests or stop the voice transmission at any time.

  • Voice transmission from guide to group via mobile internet
  • Use a Bluetooth headset and conveniently stow your smartphone during the tour
  • Add additional listeners at any time


[Translate to Englisch:] Mit Freilizenzen durchstarten

Start immediately with test licenses

Nobody likes lengthy registration forms. Sign up with just a few clicks using SMS or Social Login! As a bonus, you'll automatically receive 40 free trial licenses to thoroughly test elysium®.


Easy and fast group formation

Open a virtual waiting room with the button "Add listeners" and invite your listeners by scanning your QR code or entering your PIN in the web browser. As soon as all listeners are in the waiting room, you start your tour and thus the voice transmission. The PIN is generated anew each time, the QR code is permanently assigned to you.

Good to know: You can also export your personal QR code and print it out so that it can be scanned more easily.

  • Open a virtual waiting room and start the voice transmission
  • Listeners can join the waiting room by scanning the QR code or entering their PIN in the web browser

Licence shop - only pay for what you use

Welcome to our service! With us, you have the choice of what suits you better. With Pre-Paid, you purchase your desired licence package in advance and be prepared at any time - for all those who know their group size in advance and want to save money at the same time. Discover the possibilities available to you.

Alternatively, with our practical Add-Pay-Go function, you never have to worry about not having enough licences: as soon as all listeners are in the waiting room, elysium tells you how many licences are needed and suggests the right licence package to you in the shop. Both options can be combined at any time.

Don't worry, licences already purchased do not expire if they are not used. They are only deducted from your credit balance when you close the waiting room and start the voice transmission!

  • Pre-Paid: Buy licence package in advance for already known group sizes and planning security
  • Add-Pay-Go: Required licences are only purchased after the group has been formed
  • Both options can be combined

4 easy steps to your first tour with elysium®:

1. Download app and register

Download elysium free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and register easily via SMS or your existing Google, Facebook or Apple account. Afterwards, you will automatically be credited with 40 test licences to try out.

You can also view the app in advance without registering.

3. Start Live stream

After all listeners are in the waiting room, you can activate the live stream and start your tour by pressing a button.

Licences are only used up when you start the stream. During the tour, you can of course add more guests later.


2. Add listeners

Add your listeners to the virtual waiting room via QR code. Alternatively, they can enter a PIN in the browser to access the waiting room.


4. Get started and share knowledge

With elysium you can be sure that your voice and thus your knowledge will be equally well received by your group.


And what do my guests need to do?

1. Join the waiting room

Scan your QR code with their smartphone camera or enter the PIN you provide them on www.join.guide. Both methods will automatically lead them to the waiting room.

For guests with Android system, an optimization in the settings helps to guarantee a continuous tour experience. You can find instructions here or as a PDF handout for your guests.

Download handout


2. Enjoy your tour

Now you and your listeners should connect headphones. And your group can already hear your voice via the live audio stream. Have fun!




Smartphone Smartphone with internet connection
At least android 9 At least android 9
At least iOS 15.7.1 At least iOS 15.7.1
Headphones for more comfort Headphones for more comfort


The average consumption is about 20 MB per hour. For comparison: 10 minutes of radio streaming consumes approx. 10 MB

Depending on the age of the battery and smartphone, the consumption is about 5 - 10% per hour.

No, your listeners do not need an app. The audio stream is received via the Internet browser, which is available on every smartphone.


elysium cannot be used without internet. You can provide internet to your guests via an optional mobile router, should individual guests not have internet available.


After your voice has been captured by the microphone of your smartphone, or better by an optional headset, it is transmitted as a digital audio stream via the Internet to the smartphones of the listeners in your group.


It is currently not possible to ask questions via elysium. This feature will be integrated in a future version of elysium.


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