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Turn your smartphone into a tour guide system and find your way to affordable and modern tours. Your guests can listen to you from the comfort of their own smartphone. Guiding has never been easier.


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Tour Guide System for the Smartphone Tour Guide System for the Smartphone
Guests do not need an app Guests do not need an app
Cost-effective Cost-effective
Instant usage Instant usage

Your benefit: simple, smart and affordable


For tour guides and guided group tours

Discover elysium, an easy-to-use alternative to traditional tour guide systems. You don't have to buy or rent expensive hardware anymore, because with our handy app you can use your smartphone for voice transmission. Simply transmit your voice to your guests and let them participate via QR code or PIN directly on their own smartphones.

With elysium, it's easy to register and create your group in seconds! This reduces your organisational effort to a minimum, leaving you more time to focus on what's important: Your tour!

  • Easy & fast handling
  • No more buying or renting special hardware
  • Unlimited group size and range

"Bring your own device" for your listeners - no matter which smartphone and operating system

Your listeners can join your tour via QR code or PIN without downloading an app or registering. Your voice is streamed live via the mobile browser and your listeners only need their smartphone and headphones, regardless of which smartphone model they use.

  • No app download & registration required for your listeners
  • Use of your listeners' own smartphone & headphones


Easy licencing model - no subscription

elysium is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You need licences for the voice transmission. One licence is required per listener during each tour. For more planning security, you can easily purchase these licences in advance in the In-App Store (pre-paid). Alternatively, if you don't know the size of your group in advance, elysium can suggest a suitable licence package after the group has been created (Add-Pay-Go).

With these two options, you are well supplied with licences and can also add spontaneous guests to your group. By the way, even during an already running tour! 

  • Pre-Paid or Add-Pay-Go comfortably via the In-App Store
  • always the right amount of licences available
  • 1 licence = 1 listener per tour

More info on licences and prices


More efficiency, more comfort: discover our planned features for even better group guiding

Automatic live translation of your voice

Multilingual group tours: Let elysium automatically translate your voice into multiple languages. Your listeners simply select the language they want.


Plan groups in advance

More efficient group planning: Optimise your group planning and save valuable time. Send invitations to your listeners in advance - quickly and easily with just a few clicks.


Keep an eye on your group

Map localisation: With elysium, you can locate the listeners of your tour on a map and thus ensure that you do not lose any of your guests. This helps to avoid delays in the process.


What else does elysium® need to be able to do?

Would you like to share your wishes and ideas and become part of an active community? Then you've come to the right place! We offer you the opportunity to give feedback and work together on new ideas. Share your wishes with us and become an active part of our community. We look forward to your participation!

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Experience elysium: Direct Feedback from Users


"This Live Translation is great for our international team. Communication used to be really difficult, but now everything runs much more smoothly. We work faster and better together. Great app!"

Industry: Construction

"As a city guide, I have recently started using this app for my guided tours. It's perfect because my tour participants can use their own devices. ... It's also very easy to join a tour: by entering a pin or scanning a QR code. I recommend this app for all tour guides!"

Industry: Tourism

"Works as it should. Simple interface and handling. Great tool to replace expensive headset whisper systems."

"I use it regularly for my city tours. Easy to use and a real relief."

"Practical app that makes our work easier and is very easy to use thanks to its clear design."

"Excellent voice quality, intuitive user interface, the elimination of time-consuming preparation of the tour guide hardware and, last but not least, the hygienic safety for users by using their own smartphone take the guided tours to a new level! An absolute recommendation!"

"The app runs perfectly!"

"Easy to use, appealing design. I like it very much 😁"

"Very well programmed app, uncomplicated and user-friendly."

"Works perfectly and is easy to use! Can only recommend it. 👍"

"Very easy to use and could be used immediately. A clear recommendation!"

"Until now, I couldn't afford a headset for guides. elysium is unbeatably affordable and now I can offer my guests such a system."

"The app actually replaces a tour guide system! My guests can listen to me on their own smartphones at any time. Creating the group is also easy. I am satisfied :-)"

"Finally an innovative app for tour guides that is really well thought out. Easy to use and really doesn't cost much."

"Great app for tour guides! I'm glad to have found a simple solution for guided tours :)"

"Super well thought-out and intuitive app, finally you can start a tour spontaneously and without taking a lot of equipment with you. It's great that this option is now available."

"As a tour guide, elysium has enriched my work enormously. It's very easy to use, even for guides who don't have an affinity for mobile phones, and my guests can hear me perfectly. As I only work as a guide part-time, I haven't used the extra devices yet. That's where an app comes in handy."


NEW: Monthly billing for organizations

Pay-per-use at the end of the month: Only pay for what you actually use

Does your organization offer guided tours? Are you a heavy user of elysium® and don't want to constantly purchase new license packages in the In-App Store? Then our convenient monthly billing model is just right for you.

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Navigate to the "Home" screen at the bottom center of the elysium app, tap "+Add listener" and follow the instructions on your smartphone. 

A maximum of 100 listeners can participate in a guided tour at the same time. A larger number of listeners will be possible in a future version of elysium.

The duration of a guided tour is currently limited to 12 hours. After this time, the tour will automatically end and the group will be disbanded. Longer valid licenses will be integrated in a future version of elysium.

Multiple guides in parallel in one tour, so called co-guides, are not possible at the moment. This feature will be integrated in a future version of elysium.


Removing a single listener from your group is currently not possible. This feature will be integrated in a future version of elysium. However, your listener can leave your audio stream via the browser. This is a frequently asked question, and we are working to address it in our updates.

You can easily change your QR-Code in the menu under "Your QR code".


The QR code is permanently assigned to your person. This gives you the possibility to print your QR code for example. A possible scenario when the QR code could be changed would be a change of employer of an employed tour guide.


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