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We make it easy and affordable for you: flexible licensing model, no subscription or time commitment. Practical via the in-app store from € 0.69 per licence.

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How can I purchase licences for elysium®?

What is a licence?

If you want to use elysium for voice transmission, you need to buy licences. With us, you don't need to buy tours, but you buy a licence for each listener, which has a runtime of 12 hours and is valid once.

As soon as you close your waiting room and your guests join your live audio stream, the 12-hour licence period starts in the background. If you close the stream, the 12 hours have expired or your guests have left the stream on their own, the licence is used up.

With this flexible licensing model, you have full control over costs and can ensure that you only pay for what you actually use.

  • 1 licence = 1 listener
  • Runtime of 12h
  • one-time validity after use
  • unused licences remain permanently valid

Where do I buy licences?

You can do this easily and conveniently via the in-app store. First register with elysium and click on "Licence shop" in the app to select your desired licence package.


How do I pay?

You simply pay with the payment options you have registered in the app store. You will also receive the invoice directly from Google or Apple.


And what will it cost me?

elysium is not only a technical alternative, but also a financial one. With elysium you can save up to 80% compared to renting hardware equipment. No matter if you have many or few guests and how often you offer tours. With us, you don't have to sign up for a subscription or make a time commitment. Just buy the package that suits you best. 

Example calculation: Your group will have 25 listeners, so a one-time guided tour will cost you approx. 17.50 € if you choose the 100 licence package. You can simply pass these costs on to your guests. 

5 licences = 4,99 € gross (0,99 € per licence)
10 licences = 9,99 € gross (0,99 € per licence) 
20 licences = 17,99 € gross (0,89 € per licence) → 10% discount
50 licences = 39,99 € gross (0,79 € per licence) → 20% discount
100 licences = 69,99 € gross (0,69 € per licence) → 30 % discount

*Runtime per licence = 12h, one-time use, licences do not expire in case of non-use


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