Hey! We are elysium.

We are an optimistic and creative group of remote workers spread across Germany, dedicated to creating an app that our customers will use and love.

Read on to find out more about the history and development of elysium and get to know the entire elysium team.

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Our mission

With our in-house expertise, we tackle things enthusiastically and develop smart, future-proof solutions at prices that make sense. Customer proximity is important to us - we are always available, easily accessible and listen carefully to our customers, because their opinion is worth its weight in gold to us.


Our history

For over 20 years we have been involved in the field of hardware personnel guidance systems and now we are bringing a breath of fresh air to the global group guidance market. Our plan? No more expensive hardware - we're going for what's already there: your own smartphone. Our journey started a few years ago with our development team in Germany. Since then, we have inspired over 800 beta testers worldwide and received great feedback that has helped us move forward.




Jonas Bayerlein

Managing Partner | Sales

Jessica Meene

UI/UX Designer

Anna Kollmer

Managing Partner | Marketing & PR

Sindy Hüttl

UI/UX Designer

Karin Ziegner

UX Research | Scrum Master

Our values

Anna and Jonas not only bring the legacy of their father, who specialized in the sale of hardware-based people guidance systems, into the digital era, but also live the values of honesty, transparency and team spirit. These values characterize elysium's corporate culture.



The elysium app promotes sustainability by relying on the use of existing personal devices and thus reducing the need for additional hardware for personal management systems. In addition, elysium stands for the paperless office and remote working concept that conserves resources and reduces emissions - for an efficient and environmentally conscious future.



User centricity is at the heart of our app development. User needs and experiences are our top priority. This approach ensures that elysium is not only technologically advanced, but also intuitive and accessible for you as a user. By working closely with users, we can gather feedback and integrate it into the development process. The result? An app that offers real added value.

Continuous improvement

We're all about continuous improvement - it's about getting a little better every day, always in comparison with ourselves, not with others. In this spirit, we are constantly working to optimize our app by integrating new features and responding to feedback to drive both our personal and professional growth.


Stronger together

In our company, teamwork is the key to a creative and effective working environment in which every employee is valued and contributes to our collective strength. Through regular training opportunities, we promote not only the professional expertise but also the personal development of each individual. This holistic approach strengthens our team and drives us to grow and learn together.



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