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Tour Guide System for the Smartphone Tour Guide System for the Smartphone
No guest app necessary No guest app necessary
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An optimal tour

elysium is the app for your tour: All information spoken by the guide is transferred directly to the guest's smartphone. Finally, the content of your tours is understood by all participants equally. At the same time, the guide no longer needs to invest money in advance - there is no need for expensive hardware. The workload for the guide is also significantly reduced: Since the participants' familiar smartphones are used, there is no need to carry hardware in suitcases, nor do the devices have to be handed out, collected, disinfected and recharged. Brave new world for the tour guide: elysium is available for download in the Apple and Google stores. So the system doesn't exclude any of your guests.

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Fast and hygienic on site

Before the start of your tour, the elysium app already shows its great strengths: The guide integrates the smartphones of his guests into his group quickly and easily by scanning a QR code on the guide's smartphone. Alternatively, the tour guide provides login information to the participants in the form of a pin. In either case, no app is required on the part of the audience. Once the last device is added, the app is ready to use and the tour can be started at any time. The content of the app is DSGVO compliant, as no data of your customers is collected. Also the GPS of the guests is not stored. Since only the participants' own devices are used on the tour, there are also no hygiene concerns.

Easy planning and administration

The new world of elysium provides companies with more than one tour guide with a comprehensive administration interface online. There, the overview of already conducted tours is always kept. Whether for a collective of several tour guides or for a company with many guides - a new tour guide can be registered at any time or a guide who has left can be deactivated. The content of the administration interface also offers a lot of information about current and past tours.
Try the new system today. Then download the app from the store to your smartphone. Your tour guides' apps are ready for the world of guided tours.

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Experience elysium: Direct Feedback from Users


"As a city guide, I have recently started using this app for my guided tours. It's perfect because my tour participants can use their own devices. ... It's also very easy to join a tour: by entering a pin or scanning a QR code. I recommend this app for all tour guides!"

"Works as it should. Simple interface and handling. Great tool to replace expensive headset whisper systems."

"I use it regularly for my city tours. Easy to use and a real relief."

"Practical app that makes our work easier and is very easy to use thanks to its clear design."

"Excellent voice quality, intuitive user interface, the elimination of time-consuming preparation of the tour guide hardware and, last but not least, the hygienic safety for users by using their own smartphone take the guided tours to a new level! An absolute recommendation!"

"The app runs perfectly!"

"Easy to use, appealing design. I like it very much 😁"

"Very well programmed app, uncomplicated and user-friendly."

"Works perfectly and is easy to use! Can only recommend it. 👍"

"Very easy to use and could be used immediately. A clear recommendation!"

"Until now, I couldn't afford a headset for guides. elysium is unbeatably affordable and now I can offer my guests such a system."

"The app actually replaces a tour guide system! My guests can listen to me on their own smartphones at any time. Creating the group is also easy. I am satisfied :-)"

"Finally an innovative app for tour guides that is really well thought out. Easy to use and really doesn't cost much."

"Great app for tour guides! I'm glad to have found a simple solution for guided tours :)"

"Super well thought-out and intuitive app, finally you can start a tour spontaneously and without taking a lot of equipment with you. It's great that this option is now available."

"As a tour guide, elysium has enriched my work enormously. It's very easy to use, even for guides who don't have an affinity for mobile phones, and my guests can hear me perfectly. As I only work as a guide part-time, I haven't used the extra devices yet. That's where an app comes in handy."

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Navigate to the "Home" screen at the bottom center of the elysium app, tap "+Add listener" and follow the instructions on your smartphone. 

A maximum of 100 listeners can participate in a guided tour at the same time. A larger number of listeners will be possible in a future version of elysium.

The duration of a guided tour is currently limited to 12 hours. After this time, the tour will automatically end and the group will be disbanded. Longer valid licenses will be integrated in a future version of elysium.

Multiple guides in parallel in one tour, so called co-guides, are not possible at the moment. This feature will be integrated in a future version of elysium.


Removing a single listener from your group is currently not possible. This feature will be integrated in a future version of elysium. However, your listener can leave your audio stream via the browser. This is a frequently asked question, and we are working to address it in our updates.

You can easily change your QR-Code in the menu under "Your QR code".


The QR code is permanently assigned to your person. This gives you the possibility to print your QR code for example. A possible scenario when the QR code could be changed would be a change of employer of an employed tour guide.