Your tour guide system as an app - Live Demo

In this detailed live demo, not only were all the features of the app shown, but they were also explained in detail. Take a look at the recording of the live demo.


Two smartphone screens are shown. The left screen represents the smartphone of a guest in the group and the right screen is used as a guide. After the language selection from 10 languages follows the login of the guest as well as the login of the guide. Then the guest is added to the group by scanning the displayed QR code or by entering the session ID data. Now the interfaces of guest and guide are visible and discussed in detail. The guide has the possibility to speak to his group and to see the group members in a list and on a map. Of course, this appearance on the map is only done if the guest has agreed to the use of the location on his smartphone. Adding and removing guests as well as dissolving the group is possible at any time. The app also offers the possibility to send text messages and pictures to the group. The guide and all guests have access to all sent messages at any time. In the settings of the guide the distance warning, the dialog function and the meeting point are configured and each explained in detail in the video.