What benefits do you have using elysium® tgs?

The basic purpose of a guided tour is of course to entertain your guests and to impart your knowledge and information.


And elysium® tgs helps you that none of this information gets lost due to a loud surrounding or crowded places like touristic hotspots. With the application you can spare your voice while at the same time reducing noice pollution in city centers. And you can stay in contact with your group even if they are not in direct visual contact with you. The setup is very easy and at the same time not very effortable. So you don't have to buy or rent any special equipment or hardware and you don't have to hand out devices to your group and collect them after you finished. The app makes it possible to guide a group of people during or after the pandemic. And you can comply with guidelines like social distancing or wearing a mask. And because everybody is using there own device, hygenic standards are kept. The app is available in ten different languages and can be downloaded and used 24/7 worldwide. And because we are using the internet to transmit your voice, the range is literally unlimited. But of course we integrated a feature where you can choose the maximum range - so none of your group members will get lost. Then we come to pricing: There are no basic fees and it's not a monthly based subscription. So you only pay for the time when you want to use the application.