elysium® tgs - Features

You want to know what's inside the app and where you can quickly find the most important settings? Then you've come to the right place.


  • VOICE TRANSMISSION: Basic feature.
  • GROUP CREATION: By QR code or session ID.
  • DIALOG FUNCTION: Must be activated in advance.
  • CO-GUIDE: A second guide can be temporarily included.
  • GPS TRACKING: Overview of his group members on his map.
  • DISTANCE WARNING: If a guest moves too far away from the guide, he or she will receive a discreet signal tone in his or her ear.
  • MEETING POINT: The guide can mark a meeting point for the group on the map. Guests receive a suggested route. POIs can also be searched for.
  • MESSAGING: Guide can send text messages and pictures to his group.
  • COUNTING FUNCTION: The guide is shown the number of his group members.
  • MULTI-LANGUAGE: Currently in ten languages.
  • WHATSAPP SUPPORT: Customer service via WhatsApp directly from the app.

Note: The version shown may differ from the version available in the stores!