Licences - the perfect solution for every budget

To make the best use of your budget, we offer you a range of licence models - starting at as little as €0.17 per licence per day. You can also combine short term and long term licences if you wish.

Please note that the following prices are preliminary and may change. One license is required per guest. For a group of e.g. 25 guests 25 licenses are required. These can be short or long-term licenses (see below). For the guide the app is free of charge, no license is required.

The prices listed are net prices and subject to the statutory value added tax.

Short term licence (12 h)

Be flexible! Here they are not bound to terms. You purchase the desired quantity - these are unlimited. The short-term licenses run for a maximum of 12 hours from the time the group is formed or until the group is dissolved by the guide. This is especially interesting for spontaneous guided tours.


for € 0.50 per licence

Short term licence (24 h)

Stay flexible! You won’t be tied to licence periods here. Buy the required quantity - valid indefinitely. The short time licences run max. 24 hours starting from the moment of group formation or until the group will be disabled by the guide.

1 - 100

for €1.00 per licence

101 - 250 licences

for €0.95 per licence
- 5% discount

251 - 500 licences

for €0.90 per licence
- 10% discount

501 - 1,000 licences

for €0.85 per licence
- 15% discount

1,000 - 5,000 licences

for €0.80 per licence
- 20% discount

Long term licence

Save money! Buy licences valid for 1 week, 1, 3, 9 or 12 months and choose the date from which the licences are activated for the displayed duration.

1 Week

for €4.99 per licence = €0.71 per day

1 Month

for €8.99 per licence = €0.30 per day

3 Months

for €24.99 per licence = €0.28 per day

9 Months

for €49.99 per licence = €0.19 per day

12 Months

for €59.99 per licence = €0.17 per day

application examples

The group sizes listed below are exemplary. The maximum number of guests per group is unlimited.

How to use the short term licences

In this 24h-time period the licences can be used once by one guest. After the group is deleted by the guide, the licences are expired and can not be reused. Example on the left: 10 short term licences for 10 guests for 24 hours

Sample calculcation:
1 short term licence for 24h: 1,00 € (without bulk discount)
10 short term licences for 24h: 10,00 €

10,00 € for 1 tour for 24 h.

You can also mix long term and short term licenses within a group

How to use the long term licences

In the choosen time period the licences can be used multiple times by different groups one after another. After one group is finished and deleted by the guide, the licences are free to use. For the choosen time period you can guide as many groups as you want, as long as the groupsize does not surpass 10 guests. Example on the left: 10 long term licences for 1 month

Sample calculation:
1 long term licence for 1 month: 8,99 €
10 long term licences for 1 month: 89,90 €

You pay 89,90 € for one month for an unlimited number of guided tours, as long as the group does not consist of more than 10 people.