Features of the Tour Guide System App

The central function of each tour guide system is the transmission of the tour guide's speech to the members of his group. Elysium® tgs offers many other useful features in addition to clear speech intelligibility.

Tour Guide functions

Voice transfer from guide to guest

Live voice transfer from device to device via mobile internet or Wi-Fi.


Tourist guide can integrate and / or transfer the group to a local guide temporarily.

Dialogue function

Guests can ask live questions via App. Question will be streamed live to all group members. Guide needs to activate dialogue function beforehand.

COMING SOON: Live-Translation

Multilingual groups can be served, the effort to organize guides with the appropriate language is minimized many times over.

Group management

Distance warning

Warning signal for guests as soon as maximum distance to guide is exceeded. Guide can set maximum distance.

GPS Tracking

Location of group members will be shown on guide’s device.

Meeting point

Guide can set GPS location for next meeting point. Guests can get navigation to this location.



Guide can send text messages and pictures to group.


Guide will be shown distance to each group member listed in tabular form.


Available in 10 languages.