The advantages of the ELYSIUM® tgs Tour Guide System App

Elysium® tgs offers you all functions of a tour guide system as smartphone app - and even more! Here you can see all the advantages of elysium® tgs compared to the classic guided tour system. Below you will find a direct comparison of hardware- and software-based systems.

  • highest hygiene guaranteed by using the own equipment
  • massively reduced costs
  • less organization effort
  • available in 10 languages
  • no transport costs
  • unlimited group size
  • guide and guest use the same app
  • can be used worldwide
  • no handing over, collecting or charging of devices
  • only the actual use will be charged based on licences
  • download for free

Tour guide system or app? The direct comparison.

Tour Guide System

App ELYSIUM® tgs


Voice transfer

Dialogue function



Unlimited group size

Simple group formation


100% hygienic

Guide me home

GPS traking



Can be used worldwide

Infinite range

Free from regulations

No costs for hardware

No transport costs

No smartphone needed

Accounting of the actual use