What our beta testers say

I find the app very clear. I find sharing location and sending messages very convenient.

Beta tester: Travel companion from Hamburg - use for city tours

I must recommend the concept - especially in times of Corona ... - unreservedly recommend it to all those who are planning a city tour (possibly also by bike). The hygiene aspect and the user-friendliness alone speak for the app establishing itself as quickly as possible. Another aspect is that the service hotline responded quickly and competently to all pending questions. We will be using this "innovation" again as soon as possible. After all, the response has been unreservedly positive.

Beta tester: University sector

In the test beforehand, everything worked wonderfully. We are very happy to have found such an app.

Beta tester: Wine trade from southern Germany - use for production tours

The appeal of your application will be overwhelming. I am sure most of our members will become subscribers.

Beta tester: The Guild of Professional Tour Guides

It was a nice Session - We’re proud to be part of the „pilot project team“ and looking forward for the official roll-out. Your product is the next step into the digital area of Group guiding systems.

Beta tester: KölnTourismus GmbH

The range was excellent. The sound quality was good; guests could hear me without problems, and I could hear them. This is reassuring given we were in an outdoor environment. The set up was relatively straightforward.

Beta tester: Guide Dublin

I‘ve been trialling the app and have been fairly impressed. I have tried several systems and I have to say that yours has the best sound quality and is easy to use, both as a guide and as a client. I have decided to go with your system as I find it the best, and over the next few weeks I will be testing it on the streets of London.

Beta tester: Guided Hikes - Guide London