Advisory Board Member Dr. Patrick Stiller

With Know-How to the Top - Dr. Patrick Stiller

Welcome Dr. Patrick Stiller to the elysium® Advisory Board: Expert in Strategic Development and Digital Transformation


Dr. Patrick Stiller, Managing Director at STILLER ADVISORS

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Patrick Stiller, an expert in the strategic development of companies, to our team. His digital expertise, combined with his strategic acumen, will help us continuously advance our company and product.

Dr. Patrick Stiller studied Business Administration at the University of Passau, where he also earned his doctorate. He brings his extensive experience as an executive and advisory board member in companies both domestically and internationally to our advisory board.

"I have been accompanying the elysium team as a consultant since the founding phase. Anna and Jonas's passion and dedication are contagious and have already taken the company far. I look forward to continuing to work with them on elysium and its product. Our goal is to provide elysium's customers with an outstanding experience and to fundamentally change the way group travel is conducted in the long term."

Thank you, Patrick, for being with us since 2016.