Seatrade Europe 2023 Hamburg

Seatrade Europe 2023

Better Late Than Never: Trade Fair Report. elysium® at Seatrade Europe 2023


Our elysium team was proud to be represented on the Newcomer Boulevard, and this year's exhibition was truly exceptional for us. It was a significant milestone as we presented a finished product at a trade fair for the first time. Our booth attracted the attention of industry experts, especially those interested in group travel and shore excursions.

The live presentation of our product and the personal conversations with potential customers proved to be extremely valuable. The positive reactions and interest from visitors exceeded our expectations. Our product offers unique solutions for the maritime industry and tour guides, and here are some outstanding features:

  • No Additional Hardware Required: Our audio solutions are user-friendly and do not require expensive additional devices, reducing costs and simplifying implementation and maintenance.
  • No Guest App Downloads: Our solutions offer seamless, hassle-free access without requiring guests to download an app.
  • Significant Cost Savings: Our technology enables significant cost reductions by eliminating the need for expensive hardware and minimizing the need for technical support.
  • Simplified Organization: Our solutions greatly facilitate the organization of audio communication by simplifying installation and maintenance.

Furthermore, we introduced another product within our elysium ecosystem: our Corporate Account for Reorganization. This product garnered great interest and received valuable, positive feedback, particularly from companies looking to optimize their shore excursions.

Seatrade Europe 2023 also provided an excellent opportunity to strengthen existing business relationships and forge new connections. The numerous discussions and conversations at the event expanded our network and led to promising partnerships, especially in the field of group travel and tour guides.

A special thanks goes to our dedicated team, whose hard work ensured our success at Seatrade Europe 2023. Their dedication and expertise were crucial to our outstanding performance.

We would also like to thank all the visitors who stopped by our booth and showed interest in our products. We look forward to continuing these conversations in the coming weeks and introducing our solutions to the maritime industry and the world of group travel and tour guides.

Overall, Seatrade Europe 2023 was a significant milestone for us. We are excited about the upcoming opportunities and look forward to developing even more innovative solutions for the maritime industry and the field of group travel and tour guides.

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