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Digitalization in Tourism: elysium® Saves Time and Effort in Organizing Group Travel and Tours


Digitalization is steadily progressing and leaving its mark on every industry. Particularly in the tourism sector, we see slow but unstoppable progress. In a survey, 84 percent of the participating country and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) stated that the COVID-19 crisis increased the importance of digitalization in tourism organizations and associations (, 2023). However, compared to other industries, this progress is relatively slow.

This article highlights the problems faced by travel organizations, particularly in the planning and management of tours and guided tours, and how the elysium® ecosystem addresses these challenges.

"I Spend Too Much Time on Organization"

For months, the elysium team, led by Karin Ziegner, has been talking to people from travel organizations and companies to find out how we can help them organize group travel alongside the tour guide system app elysium for guides. This means stepping back and trying to understand the processes and pain points involved in organizing group travel and tours. The goal of all organizations: More time for my guests!


Status Quo and the Three Main Pain Points:

  1. Mix of Analog and Digital Processes: In today's digital world, many travel providers still rely on a combination of digital and analog tools. These practices include using emails and databases on one hand and phone inquiries and handwritten notes on the other. In many cases, this hybrid approach can lead to delays, duplicate entries, and errors, which can impact the quality of customer service.

  2. Software Setup is a Challenge: According to our research, there is a large amount of software for group management, but they all have one thing in common: outdated, not intuitive, and difficult to set up, often leading to wasted time and frustration, and a return to “tried-and-true” processes, which then hinders digitalization.

  3. High Organizational Effort: Instead of focusing their energy on creating compelling and unforgettable tours, many providers spend hours on administrative tasks. This time-consuming data management and organization distract from the primary mission: creating unique travel experiences.


Time Savings and Practicality

We didn’t create another platform for managing guides but an ecosystem to help you manage your guides in conjunction with the elysium® tour guide app, and most importantly: save time.

With the elysium management interface, you can quickly and easily add guides to your organization—whether they are permanently employed or work for you seasonally. Purchase elysium licenses in the online shop and make them available to your guides.

Within the app, the guide switches between their personal elysium profile and the company profile you provide. Good to know: You can restrict the use of licenses or grant unlimited licenses to the guides.

With our pay-per-use billing model, your actually used licenses are automatically billed at the end of the month. You don't have to worry about buying license packages in advance. We also offer the option to conveniently pay after purchasing the license: buy now—pay later.

Our principle, as with the app, was: as few hurdles as possible, quick registration, intuitive use, easy handling, and immediate readiness for use.