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Hey, we are elysium, nice to meet you!

Behind every successful team is a vibrant mix of talents. Meet Jessica, Sindy, Karin, Jonas, and Anna – the heart of elysium! 💙

Behind every successful team is a vibrant mix of talents and personalities, and ours is no exception. Today, we’d like to give you a glimpse into the people behind the scenes who bring our vision to life!

  • Jessica, our Junior UX Designer, is the artist who brings our digital experiences to life with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on user needs.
  • Then there's Sindy, our Senior UI Designer, whose boundless creativity and keen eye for the aesthetics of web and app design drive innovation in every project.
  • Karin, our UX Researcher and Scrum Queen, is the guardian of the user experience, ensuring that your voices are heard and incorporated into every decision we make.
  • Jonas, Co-Founder and Managing Partner in Sales and Project Ownership, connects us with the outside world, making sure our dreams find fertile ground.
  • And Anna, Co-Founder and Managing Partner in Marketing & PR, is the SEO genius who propels our brand forward with her networking prowess and sharp mind.

Together, the unique expertise and dedication of each individual contribute to the robust vision of Elysium - the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. 💙