Urban commons in Vienna

Explore the world of urban commons in Vienna

Experience urbanize! 2023 in Vienna: elysium® app supports sustainable city tours and promotes urban commons.


From October 3rd to 8th, Vienna will become a vibrant hub of urban exploration as the urbanize! festival opens its doors! We are excited and proud to be a part of it, supporting over 13 immersive city tours with our innovative tour guide app, elysium®.

Where Technology and Culture Merge
In places where tradition and modern urbanity meet, elysium® enables a journey through Vienna's hidden and visible treasures, acting not only as a guide but also as a storyteller.

Urbanize! 2023: Urban Commons as a Path to the Future
The urbanize! festival 2023 invites you with a diverse program of lectures, discussions, artistic interventions, city walks, workshops, and parties to practically and theoretically explore the world of urban commons. The concept of "Urban Commons" paves a hopeful path to a possible, real-utopian future, showing how the expansion of communal structures for the creation of more public welfare and climate justice is a vibrant, democratic process that fosters new alliances between city residents, politics, and administration. The motto is: "No Commons without Commoners."

Sustainability and Public Welfare
With elysium®, we minimize paper usage and promote a deeply connected and enriching experience as we explore the terrain of urban commons and sustainable urban development together.

If you happen to be in Vienna, you are warmly invited to come by and experience elysium live.

Event Details:

  • Name: urbanize! International Festival for Urban Explorations
  • Date: October 3rd - 8th
  • Location: Vienna