Our South America Tour Begins

elysium® - Our South America Tour Begins

Our adventure in South America begins: Exploring Chile and Argentina, discovering new opportunities, enriching tourism. Stay tuned!


It is with great joy that we announce our team has embarked on a grand adventure on the vibrant continent of South America! Our first stop? The lively landscapes of Santiago de Chile.

We are here to participate in the MEP program and collaborate with AHK Chile, AHK Argentina - Cámara de Industria y Comercio Argentino Alemana, and the German Accelerator. This unique program provides us with a brilliant opportunity to establish our presence in South America's rapidly growing technology landscape and explore new, exciting opportunities.

But that's not all! Over the next week, we will also meet with local tourism companies. This will not only give us insights into the bustling life of Chile but also reveal new ways our app solutions can enrich the tourism sector.

Our official program begins on Monday, and we are more than excited about what lies ahead. After three great days in Chile, we will continue our South American expedition by traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you and seeing how this journey will shape our vision and growth as a company. So, stay tuned for updates and exciting insights into our journey through South America! Until then, we wish you a fantastic weekend.