A Look Behind the Scenes of Travel Technology with elysium

Behind the Scenes of Travel Technology Tour with Elysium - A Perfect Match

Behind the Scenes of Travel Technology: Perfect Combination at ITB Berlin with the Elysium App for Innovative Tourism Solutions.


This year at ITB Berlin, one of the most important events for the travel industry, we had the special pleasure of providing the Elysium App for the "Behind the Scenes of Travel Technology" tour organized by the Verband Internet Reisevertrieb e.V. (VIR).

This initiative, hosted by our esteemed partner association VIR, brought together over 50 dedicated participants to explore the pinnacle of digital tourism innovation with us.

The goal of the tour was to provide an in-depth insight into the operational core of the travel technology sector and to highlight the indispensable role of travel tech providers. Throughout the event, companies were given a platform to showcase their innovative technical solutions and business models, fostering an environment of transparency and collaborative exchange. This aligns perfectly with our mission to drive innovation and create synergies within the travel industry.

Participants not only gained insights into the latest trends and developments in travel technology but were also introduced to the intricate workings behind holiday booking systems. It is clear that the future of travel booking relies heavily on the expertise and innovative power of technicians.

Particularly noteworthy was the role of the Elysium App amidst the bustling activity at ITB Berlin. Given the high noise levels and dense crowds, the app was indispensable for ensuring clear communication. It allowed all participants to hear the presentations without needing to be in close proximity, enhancing the overall experience and creating a better learning environment.

We are incredibly proud to have contributed to this significant moment and to continue driving the digital transformation of the tourism sector. A heartfelt thank you goes to VIR and all the participants who made this experience unforgettable. This event was not just about showcasing technology but also about shaping the future of travel.

Let us continue to innovate together and redefine the travel experience. 🌍✈️