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The 100th anniversary of the death of the composer Max Bruch was in the house. To commemorate this, the ensemble put on a concert of change and sent actors and listeners on an 8km-long search in the footsteps of the composer, who was closely associated with Bergisch Gladbach. City guide Ms. Wirtz accompanied the two groups, each with 30 hikers and 20 singers, and provided information about individual stories from the stations.


"The concept of hiking with singers had made me curious," said one participant. To keep the required distance, elysium® tgs was used without further ado. "About 25 participants put on their headphones and it worked perfectly", Ms. Wirtz states. You can read the detailed article here.Credit: Karin M. Erdtmann, Kölner Stadtanzeiger 5 October 2020Photos: Christopher Arlinghaus

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