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Redakteur: Alexander von Kleinsorgen                        ELYSIUM, Industry information

As a member we were recently invited to answer questions from the Association Internet Travel Distribution "Verband Internet Reisevertrieb" (VIR). Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Can you describe your start-up in one sentence?
elysium® tgs is a modern and innovative tour guide system app for audio transmission for city tours, among other applications, which is developed particularly close to the customer.

In your opinion, what makes elysium® tgs stand out from the competition?
We as founders of elysium audio solutions GmbH, are as managing directors of BMS Audio GmbH already part of an established company that has been dedicated to the sale of guided tour systems for over 20 years. These two decades of customer contact and market observation bring deep experience values that cannot be replaced by any market analysis. Nevertheless, we involved the potential users of the app in the development from the very beginning and conducted surveys, interviews and usability tests, for example. The public beta test of two early versions of the app in particular provided deep insights: we were able to consider potential problems with the app, suggestions for improvement, and feature requests at an early stage - but we also received praise. The ultimate goal was and is to develop elysium® tgs optimally adapted to the market and future customers.

What has been your greatest sense of achievement so far, and what has been the greatest challenge?
Actually, there are two major success moments: In the beginning, there was the overwhelming feedback in our public beta test with numerous detailed submissions - at the peak with 11 DIN-A4 pages - with constructive criticism, suggestions for improvement and again and again the statement that we were on the right track. And today we are looking at the current development of the final version of elysium® tgs and proud of a steadily growing in-house team. It is a great concern of ours to bundle as many personnel competences as possible in our own company instead of buying them in. The biggest challenge was the lengthy process of raising the necessary funds. We could tell extremely boring, tedious and above all demotivating stories about investors, business angels and banks here.

What are your plans for the next few months?
The basic ideas of the app and the feedback of the beta testers are now flowing into the final version of elysium® tgs. Once again, we place above-average priority on a customer-oriented design and an all-around satisfying user experience. Therefore, the final development is done entirely under UX design procedures. The central element of user experience design is the perspective of the future user. This should be taken into account as comprehensively as possible before the app enters the app stores. After all, only satisfied users use an app regularly and recommend it to others. Improving the user experience only after the fact not only causes irrevocable damage, but also costs considerably more money.

Click here for the complete interview at VIR. (in german)

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