BRAND NEW BETA VERSION 3.0: This is new!

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September makes everything new! elysium® tgs appears in the familiar look but with several new features and numerous improvements. Due to many technical bug fixes the beta version 3.0 runs very stable. Besides many improvements "under the hood" there are also new features and even more comfort:


  • Session ID newly introduced in beta version 2.0, as an alternative to logging in via QR code: This has been further improved, based on feedback from beta testers. A unique session ID is automatically generated, which you can send to your guests in advance.
  • Extensive improvement of permission management in the background of the app: elysium® tgs requires access to the smartphone's microphone, and, depending on the usage, also to the camera and location. This complex integration with Apple and Google operating systems has been greatly optimized.
  • More stable connection: The (bidirectional) transmission of voice, as the central function of the app, as well as adding guests to the group, are now even better protected against interruptions in the connection.
  • Thanks to your feedback: We have integrated sending pictures to your group members in addition to messages.
  • We are there for you: Newly programmed are meaningful error messages and a personal support via WhatsApp directly from the app - this will be activated promptly.

Many other useful features are already included in elysium® tgs:

  • Activatable dialog function for guests' queries
  • User-defined meeting point with GPS navigation
  • Locating guests via GPS on a map
  • Freely definable distance warning
  • Messages and pictures to the group members
  • Available in 10 languages

elysium® tgs shows the future age after the classical, hardware-bound people guiding system: unlimited range, unlimited group size, usage-based cost structure, as well as an operation around the clock, worldwide for your maximum productivity. Join our beta test program and check out elysium® tgs for free. We look forward to your feedback! We attach great importance to the fact that suggestions for improvement, but also your praise; flow directly into the further development of the app. We are looking forward to your opinion about elysium® tgs at .

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