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After we, elysium® tgs with the company elysium audio solutions GmbH, were selected for a scholarship within the framework of "hohenlohe4talents" in July 2021, a short interview with the organizers of hfcon followed:

hfcon: Hello Anna, hello Jonas! Thank you for finding the time to talk to us. Would you like to introduce yourselves shortly?
We, that's my brother Jonas Bayerlein and I, Anna Kollmer, are Founder & CEO of the start-up elysium audio solutions GmbH from Crailsheim, Germany, founded in February 2021. Furthermore, we are owner & CEO of the Crailsheim-based company BMS Audio GmbH. With both companies we have been on the market for years, especially in tourism and industry, helping people to communicate more clearly and understandably during group tours through tour guide systems, also called people guidance systems. - With distance of course ;)

hfcon: What does the term digitalization mean to you - and what do you want to achieve in this context?
Jonas: In our case, digitization specifically means transforming our established hardware business model into a Saas model (Software as a Service): we digitize our products in the form of a smartphone app that can do much more than the existing hardware and brings clear benefits for the end user.
Anna: In general, digitization means first clarification and then implementation. In order to reflect on the digital, it is necessary to address the use itself, because digitization is to be understood as a dynamic process that only becomes a reality in the everyday experience.

hfcon: What do you intend to achieve in this context?
Anna: Digitization can make a major contribution to sustainability and resource conservation. With our vision - moving away from expensive special hardware to the use of existing technology and infrastructures - we would also like to be part of this. And in this context, to explain digitization as an opportunity that benefits everyone.
Jonas: And of course we want to show with our start-up that you can also create a big impact in the "countryside" and not just in Berlin etc.

hfcon: Coming back to your business model - what makes you so unique?
We show that you can also work together excellently as a brother and sister and advance each other. We complement each other in many areas and can divide the work, which is a great plus to not get lost in the work. A good work-life balance is also very important to us among our employees, which is why our staff turnover has been virtually zero for years.

hfcon: And in terms of the Digital Hub: Heilbronn-Franken?
With our app, we serve a global niche market that we have created for ourselves. And although we don't sell a consumer product and tourism, which has been our main target group to date, is still not really feeling the upswing, we were able to convince the jury of the Hohenlohe4Talents committee of our merits. This also shows the enormous diversity in the Hohenlohe Plus region.

hfcon: How did it come about that you became #DigiChanger?
We won the first-ever Hohenlohe4Talents scholarship and are naturally delighted that our pitch was so well received. The fact that we should apply is thanks to Thorben Heinrichs, who does a really good job of promoting start-ups in the region and always has an open ear for us - as does the entire hfcon team, by the way.

hfcon: What do you wish and hope for here as #DigiChanger in the Hub?
Since we are also friends of giving and not just taking, we hope for a symbiosis from which both sides benefit equally. And of course we also hope for good connections, ideas and exchange of experiences with other start-ups and companies.

hfcon: When you think about the Digital Hub - what would you name as particularly positive?
Jonas: The entire team around hfcon actively supports you where they are able. You get tips and contacts.
Anna: We feel taken seriously and, above all, wanted. We are happy to be #DigiChanger and to be able to participate in this big project from the beginning.

hfcon: Is there anything that could be improved?
Jonas: Since hfcon and Hohenlohe4Talents are still in their infancy, just like us, there is always room for improvement. But the most important thing is to never lose sight of your goal, and we think that Thorben and his team are right up there.
Anna: Technically, the website could be modernized a bit and the usability should be implemented better, as these unfortunately do not really reflect hfcon's commitment and activities.

hfcon: Thank you for your honesty. We will take these suggestions seriously. - In any case, thank you very much for the great interview.

It was fun for us as well, so "you're welcome" :)

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