Coming soon: Overcoming language barriers in real time

Have your voice instantly and simultaneously translated into other languages for your group

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live translation

Simultaneous real-time translation

Live translation into several languages simultaneously for your foreign-language listeners.



icon voice

Easy language selection

Select your source language and let your listeners select the desired target language in the browser window.



icon fast setup

Increase productivity

Cheaper than any interpreter - without comparable effort.



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Start immediately

No app download or registration process for your listeners.



Your pocket interpreter

Unlimited possibilities - for every industry

Seamless communication in any language - does that sound good? With our simultaneous real-time translation, you can overcome language barriers effortlessly - without an additional app, conference software or interpreters. Get creative:

  • Travel and tourism: multilingual group tours and cruises without language barriers
  • Corporate training and further education: Face-to-face training in multinational companies becomes more effective
  • International conferences and trade fairs: Simultaneous translation of presentations and discussions for international participants
  • Construction industry: Safe communication on construction sites
  • Healthcare: Communication between doctors and patients in different languages
  • Cultural activities: Enjoying museums, theatres and concerts in your own language
  • Private events: Weddings, family celebrations and anniversaries without language barriers

Easily add multiple listeners

Virtual waiting room opens doors and ears

Start the waiting room with one click and decide whether you only want a voice transmission or want to use the live translation feature. Once you have made your selection, you can continue straight away and welcome the participants via QR code or PIN. As soon as everyone is ready, you can get started.

The QR code is permanently linked to your account. PINs, on the other hand, are generated anew each time - for maximum security.

  • Easy to join: Participants scan your QR code or enter the PIN.
  • Personalised QR code: Export and print your QR code for even easier access, e.g. on a T-shirt. You can also present it digitally, print it on a handout or send it to your participants in advance by email.

What sets us apart from other translation tools?

Real-time translation without additional software

Our new real-time translation feature offers you voice-to-voice translations from one person to a group of any size. Without any additional conference platforms for the listeners. All you need is your smartphone and headphones. 

In contrast to conventional translation tools, we focus on easy accessibility with no download, registration or add-on required for conference software. Whether your voice needs to be translated at an international conference, a seminar or a private event, our solution ensures seamless and instant translation from one to many.

  • No installation of additional software
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Easy to use for speakers and listeners
  • Flexible use in various scenarios


Smartphone Smartphone with internet connection
At least android 9 At least android 9
At least iOS 15.7.1 At least iOS 15.7.1
Headphones for more comfort Headphones for more comfort

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