What is the data consumption of elysium® tgs?

This depends on how intensively and with which functions the app is used. Currently we have been able to calculate a consumption of 20 MB per hour. For comparison: One minute of music streaming consumes 2 MB. A Youtube video stream consumes 2-8 MB per minute.

Can elysium® tgs also be used without Internet?

No. In contrast to classic hardware, elysium® tgs uses the mobile Internet or WiFi for data transmission. The advantage is that you are spared local interference from other groups: So you can use the app worldwide.

If your guests do not want to use a SIM card abroad, there is the option of a mobile router. Currently, up to 32 guests can access the mobile Internet for this purpose. Only one SIM card is required for the router. 

How many groups are possible at the same time?

One guide serves one group. In your later administration interface you can create as many guides as you like and serve as many groups as you like at the same time.

What is the range with ELYSIUM® tgs?

In theory, the range is unlimited, since the data transmission works over the mobile Internet. The basic principle is comparable to conventional telephony. In order not to lose anyone in the group, we have integrated the distance warning.

Can the guide also use an external microphone?

Yes, in principle any microphone can be connected with suitable plug. Bluetooth headsets can also be used.

What are the system requirements for smartphones?

For iOS (Apple) at least version 11 or newer is required. For Android devices at least version 6.0 Marshmallow is required. The newer the smartphone, the better the app performance and the more accurate the GPS.

Must the guest use special headphones?

No. The guest can use the headphones, which are included with every smartphone. Bluetooth headphones can of course also be used here.

What if my guests don't have their own smartphone?

In this case, we recommend renting smartphones. These are available for around €100 and only need to have the app installed and an internet connection via W-Lan or SIM card.