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What functions does the app offer me?

Speak to the group:
Click on "Speak" at the bottom left. Press the TALK button once, now the group can hear you. By pressing it again, you deactivate the Talk function.

Locate group members:
Click on map below. Here you can see where the individual group members are located. The location of each group member is updated every 30 seconds.

Group overview :
Click on "Group" in the middle below. Guests and co-guides can be added by clicking on the plus in the top right corner.

The overview includes:

1. all added guests of your group
2. number of guests who are within the specified distance (IN)
3. number of guests outside the specified distance (OUT)
4. name of the guest (provided that he/she wishes to give his/her clear name, there is no need)
5. telephone number of the guest (provided that the guest wishes to give his telephone number, there is no need)
6. distance of the guest to the guide

Individual guests
can be removed by wiping to the left. When the tour is finished, the group is deleted by clicking on ungroup in the upper left corner.

Send a text message to the group:
Select "Messages" from the menu below. Type the text in the upper area and then click SEND MESSAGE. As soon as the group is dissolved, the text messages are also deleted.

In the archive you will find the sent messages.

Activate/deactivate distance warning:
Click on "Setting" at the bottom right. With the slider next to the term "Distance Warning" you can activate (= green) or deactivate (= red) the distance warning. The maximum distance can be adjusted with the control panel below. On the right you can see the selected distance in metres.

Activate/deactivate dialog function:
Click on Settings at the bottom right. With the slider next to "talk to guide" you can activate (= green) or deactivate (= red) the dialog function.

Set/delete meeting point for the group:
Click on "Setting" at the bottom right. There are two ways to set a meeting point:

Google search
Enter the address of the meeting place in Google search.

Current location
The current location of your device is saved as the meeting point.

To change or delete the set meeting point, click "delete" on the right.

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