ELYSIUM® tgs - Help Center for the Guide

How to create a tour guide?

Click on "Tour Guide".

Click on the box: "ADD NEW TOUR GUIDE".

Enter the data of the new tour guide. If you activate "Internal Guide" (button = green) the guide can use all licences, otherwise it can only use licences if it is added to a tour in tour planning. Here you can also deactivate a tour guide. To do this, switch the status to "Off" (button = red). As soon as you switch the status back to "On" (button = green) the Tour Guide is activated again.

After you have created a Tour Guide it will automatically receive an email with its access data for the ELYSIUM tgs App.https://www.bmsaudio.com/?id=545

The overview table provides you with all important information at a glance. If a red dot appears in the "Verify" column, the tour guide must click on the confirmation link that was sent to him by email to activate it.
Under "Action" you have the possibility to change the data of the tour guide or to delete the tour guide.

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