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How to create a new user?

Click on the "Settings" menu item.

Click in the user area on the field "ADD NEW USER".

Enter the data of the new user. For the position, you can choose between manager and operator. The operator cannot add or change payment methods. A manager can use My-Elysium.net without restrictions. Operators are only optional.

When you activate validation, the system checks if the user's email address exists. If the user is active, he/she can log in. If Active is set to Off, the user cannot log in.

If the validation was successful, you will see a green dot in the table. If the new user still has to confirm his email address, the dot is red. Under Active you can see if the user has access to the customer account MY-ELYSIUM (dot = green) or if access is denied (dot = red). Under "Action" you can edit the user data or delete the user.

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